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WELCOME to the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) Centralized Bidder Registration (CBR) System!

Accelerate Your Company’s Cash Flow with WSSC’s New Payment Terms!

Dear WSSC Supplier,


With input from several dozen of our suppliers, WSSC has decided to offer a choice of three payment terms options for Goods and Services, and Professional Services, contracts, for all new solicitations. Those options are:


· Net 30 days

· 1% 20 days, net 30 days

· 2% 15 days, net 30 days


With the discount options, suppliers will have the opportunity – if they choose - to accelerate their cash flow compared to the Net 30 day terms. In a recent market test with several dozen of our current suppliers, this program design was viewed positively.

If you are an incumbent supplier who would like to select one of the early-pay choices, contact Sarita Muhammad at (301) 206-8275 or and we will be pleased to work with you to amend your existing contract.


All visitors to the CBR web site can view bid opportunities (View Bid Opportunities tab) and view registered firms (CBR Registered Firms tab) but potential bidders who do not register on-line will not be able to download bid opportunities or receive bid notifications. REGISTER TODAY!!!

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