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WSSC Launches New Procurement Portal for Vendors and Suppliers





 Good Day Vendor Community:


Thank you for your interest in doing business with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC).


As you may be aware on November 9, 2016, WSSC introduced the Supplier Portal to replace the Centralized Bidder Registration (CBR) System.  WSSC has been distributing all information related to current bid opportunities through the WSSC Supplier Portal.  WSSC has been in the process of phasing out the CBR site and it anticipates closing out the CBR completely by mid April 2016.   

As the Commission moves forward with this process, please be aware of the following:


·         To minimize the impact of this change, suppliers registered and on an “active” status, prior to October 29, 2015, on the CBR were automatically transferred from the CBR to the WSSC Supplier Portal.  

Businesses should have received an email notification from “Workflow Mailer” containing a username and temporary password to access the Supplier Portal.


·         The username and password used to access the CBR will not work on the New Supplier Portal.


·         All suppliers must be registered in the WSSC Supplier Portal in order to do business with the Commission. 


·         Suppliers are responsible for managing their profiles and information contained in the Supplier Portal.

To assist you with this transition, WSSC has made the following resources available to you:


        Access Supplier Portal

        WSSC’s Supplier Portal User Guide

        View Registered Suppliers 

        Solicitation Briefs/Abstracts


Once again, thank you for your interest in doing business with the WSSC.  Suppliers with additional questions, may contact the Procurement Office via email



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